Pixza is an incredibly engaging really real-time multi-player social strategy game.

Pixza is NOT just yet-another-social-game.

Pixza is an action-packed multi-player game, where you can play with more than 10 friends simultaneously - all in real-time and at a breathless pace!

Pixza aims to bring a whole new dimension to social gaming by enabling live gaming action with friends in real-time, right off your browser without using Flash or any plugin!

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What Pixzalites say


The geek's home; the key-smashers paradise; the work-a-holic's break; the artist's canvas. The Art of warfare; The Science of Gaming. Pixza - The simple kaleidoscope of fun!
Rohit Sivaprasad


Pixza never ceases to amaze me and is more awesome than what the game's tagline suggests. One should actually read it as - REALLY really real time awesomeness!
Anand Sainath

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Pixza's Wiki maintained by users like you. This is the place you should turn to if you want the nitty gritty details about the game.