Pixza is an incredibly engaging really real-time multi player social game.

About Pixza

Pixza is a browser-based mutli-player strategy game. Pixza's gameplay is extremely simple, yet immersive with pixels as the basic objects. The live real-time action takes place on a grid board on which two teams race to fill their respective designated areas hidden from each other, with pixels. The team which fills its area first wins. Players use Super Pixels, which are pixels with special abilities, to set decoys, clone pixels, set cows grazing and storms rushing on opponent pixels and basically anything to distract the opponent team. The entire game grid is visible to all players and hence a player's actions on the grid are seen by all other players. That sums up Pixza, but it is more absorbing and fun than we can ever explain, especially towards the end of a game. 'The more the merrier' is more than fitting than for Pixza. With ten people on each team, the pace of the game is breath-taking and we bet you'll find your mind razing frantically to win. Then there are the strategic games. With three to four people per team, teams plan their strategies and have a fulfilling gameplay.

For all the real-time browser-based action Pixza has to offer, did we mention that Pixza does not use any browser-plugins like Adobe Flash? Yes, the front end is Javascript based and supporting the front end are our mammoth custom servers that enable the real-time action. The real-time aspect is comparable to Google Wave's real-time collaboration, the difference being, in Pixza we have several orders of magnitude more real-time data that has to be shuttled around to all the players playing a game. The servers are highly scalable and light-weight to allow several simultaneous connections.

We are Jason and Kishore, two students who just completed our undergrad degree in Computer Science and Engineering. We've been working on Pixza for over a year now during which the core architecture underwent six major changes until it reached the current model. The effort that has gone into building Pixza is enormous. We hope you enjoy it. Do get in touch us with your feedback, suggestions and other enquiries.

What Pixzalites say


Rohit Sivaprasad: The geek's home; the key-smashers paradise; the work-a-holic's break; the artist's canvas. The Art of warfare; The Science of Gaming. Pixza - The simple kaleidoscope of fun!


Anand Sainath: Pixza never ceases to amaze me and is more awesome than what the game's tagline suggests. One should actually read it as - REALLY really real time awesomeness!